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Responsible for directing and managing the Agency’s day-to-day operations in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations. The District Administrator is appointed by the Agency’s Governing Board.

We are a Medicare – certified Home Health Agency seeking an Administrator with Medicare Home Health Agency experience. The Company is a rapidly growing CHAP-accredited agency that provides Medicare skilled home health care services to the senior population.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. Demonstrate professional conduct and ethics according to agency policy and procedure.
2. Maintain confidentiality of patient information and all Agency operations.
3. Plan and direct home health operations to ensure the provision of adequate and
appropriate care and services to patients.
4. Represent the Governing Board in the daily operations of the Agency.
5. Ensure all facets of the Agency’s operations are consistent with physicians’ orders, federal and state laws and regulations, community professional standards and agency policies and procedures.
6. Monitor that all patient rights are honored on an ongoing basis, including but not limited to the notice of provider choice, patient bill of rights and patient liability of payment obligations.
7. Ensure that an investigation of patient concerns, infection control and risk management issues are completed.
8. Assist in establishing proper criteria for patient admission, discharge and plan of care.
9. Establish and maintain effective communication with office and field staff, patients, families and physicians regarding progress in the patient’s medical condition.
10. Provide and document annual performance evaluations, counseling and disciplinary actions of direct reports
11. Ensure clinical staff competency by performing, or designating a supervisor to perform concurrent patient visits with clinical staff
12. Obtain Medical Directors according to federal or state regulations to serve as advisor and member of the Professional Advisory Committee for the Agency.
13. Complete assigned workflow and administrative tasks in the electronic medical record in a timely manner
14. Maintain effective channels of communication among the Governing Board, Professional Advisory Committee, contract labor and personnel.
15. Recruit, hire and supervise qualified personnel to maintain appropriate staffing levels.
16. Ensure Agency has 24 hour coverage with on-call nursing and administrative staff.
17. Ensure staff development including orientation, in-service education and continuing education.
18. Direct staff in performance of their duties including patient admission, discharge and provision of services.
19. Ensure staff are knowledgeable about current clinical information and practices relative to home health.
20. Ensure accuracy of public information regarding the Agency’s home health services.
21. Ensure quality of patient care by monitoring the quality improvement program and participating in performance improvement activities and groups.
22. Annually complete an analysis of the Agency’ programs and complete the Annual Program Evaluation.
23. Conduct and attend the Professional Advisory Committee meetings and disseminate information to the staff.
24. Negotiate for contract personnel services and monitor the quality of home health care services provided by contract personnel.
25. Maintain current knowledge of health care trends and issues in the community by nurturing ongoing business relationship with members of the medical community and other health-related groups.
26. Maintain and ensure availability of necessary supplies and equipment.
27. Appoint a designee to supervise staff during all operating hours in his/her absence.
28. With the approval of the Governing Board, appoints a qualified individual as Director of Health Services to manage the skilled and therapeutic services of the agency.
29. Participate in development of job descriptions, qualifications for employees and conduct performance appraisals of all staff directly supervised.
30. Develop and implement approved written policies and procedures that reflect the Agency’s philosophy and objectives.
31. Implement and monitor long and short-range strategic business and marketing plans that reflect the Agency’s mission and philosophy.
32. Cooperate and participate with the Marketing Team and other personnel to achieve the Agency’s strategic business and marketing goals.
33. Cooperate with all federal, state and local regulatory and administrative agencies.
34. Develop and implement a budget plan and cost control policies and procedures for the Governing Board’s approval.
35. Review patient and statistical financial records for accuracy.
36. Review and approve accounts payable, petty cash, payroll summaries, expense reports, check requisitions and pay increases prior to submitting such requests and documentation to the Corporate Finance Department.
37. Submit billing for services provided to patients for all payer sources in a timely manner.
38. Ensure all clinical care provided meets the clinical care model.
39. Ensure the Director of Nursing reviews all SOC/Recerts for accuracy according to the clinical care model.
40. Maintain a tracking process for timely submission of all Plan of Care and physician orders and Face to Face encounter forms, HbA1c results, Recert estimated #of days of service needed
41. Review and supervise all claims for unemployment insurance benefits and workers’ compensation claims in coordination with the Vice President of Human Resources.
42. Perform other job duties and responsibilities as assigned.


1. Must be a registered nurse with a current state license.
2. Must have minimum 3 years clinical management experience.
3. Minimum of 2 years home health experience.
4. Knowledge of state and federal regulations, including Medicare regulations.
5. Must have ability to direct and supervise clinical staff.
6. Must have knowledge of home health regulations and operations processes.
7. Level II Background screening acceptable to the Agency.
8. Able to work autonomously with minimum supervision.
9. Demonstrated organizational skills and detail-oriented.
10. Demonstrated problem-solving and decision-making skills.
11. Demonstrated computer skills.
12. Demonstrated time management skills.
13. Demonstrated interpersonal skills.
14. Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills.
15. Able to communicate in English.
16. Able to work as a team member.

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Type: Full Time (Salaried)
Job ID: 26228