Candidate FAQs

What is the process to become a candidate for one of the jobs for which TalentCare is recruiting?

To become a candidate for a TalentCare client’s job opening, simply complete the online application. This is usually a quick process that requires you to answer a few basic questions and may require a resume.

Once this is complete, two things will happen:

  1. A TalentCare Recruiter will be notified of your application, and will reach out to you to coordinate next steps if your skill set and background match the requirements for the job.
  2. You will be redirected to a new page that lists any additional steps in the process, if applicable. You may complete these at your earliest convenience by simply bookmarking the page. You will also receive reminders via email.
Why do I have to fill out questionnaires?

At TalentCare, we are a data-driven recruiting firm and we want to make sure that you are not only a good match for the opening, but that you will like your new job once you start! Filling out the questionnaire is an important piece of the puzzle to help us ensure we set you up for success.

Sometimes, job seekers may be concerned about the types of questions on the questionnaire, such as math or vocabulary questions. The good news is, your responses are only used to ensure you align with the needs of the job. If math isn’t essential to the job, that is reflected behind the scenes, and you don’t need to worry about acing that part!

How long is the interviewing and hiring process with TalentCare?

Once you have applied and are considered a good match for the role, a TalentCare representative will be in touch fairly quickly – typically within a few business days to a few weeks. During your phone interview, your recruiter will let you know the expected interviewing and hiring timeline for the client.

How does TalentCare differ from staffing agencies and other recruiting firms?

Unlike staffing agencies, TalentCare only works on direct placement positions. This means, you will be hired by the client company and not by TalentCare.

Additionally, TalentCare is different from other recruiting firms in that we work exclusively with our clients – so whether you apply with the client or with TalentCare, you go through the same hiring process. What’s more, we work in long-term relationships and have in-depth insight into our clients’ future hiring needs. So even if you have not yet begun your job search, we can help you understand opportunities that may be available when you are ready to make the move.

What do I do if I applied but have not heard from a recruiter?

If you applied but have not heard from a recruiter, the first thing you should do is check your email’s spam folder. You may have gotten an email from a recruiter, or an email reminder to complete a portion of your application.

If you don’t find anything there, give us a call! We value your time and want to make sure you know exactly where you stand in the process.

What do I do if my recruiter submitted my resume to an employer, and I don’t hear from the employer?

If you have been presented to a client and have not heard from anyone within 3-5 business days, you should get in touch with your recruiter. We will follow up with the client on your behalf.

How do I know salary information if it is not listed in the job description?

Salaries often depend upon a variety of factors, such as education and experience. If a salary range is not listed in the job description online, your recruiter will be able to tell you the starting range during your initial phone interview.

Will I meet with a TalentCare recruiter face-to-face?

If you are applying for a job with one of our clients, you will likely have a phone interview with a TalentCare representative before being presented to the client for further interviewing.