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To assist in the administering of medications to residents as ordered by the attending physician, under the direction of the attending physician, the nurse supervisor and the Director of Nursing. The administration of medications shall be in accordance with established nursing standards, the policies, procedures, and practices of the facility and the requirements of the state.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. Communication

a. Verbal
i. Communicates pertinent information regarding resident care throughout the tour of duty and at change of shift to the responsible nurse.
ii. Consistently communicates in a manner that demonstrates a positive and cooperative attitude.
b. Non-verbal
i. Utilizes appropriate and professional body language.
ii. Demonstrates receptivity through active listening.

2. Implementation

a. Accurately and safely prepares, administers, and documents the oral and/or topical mediations that are commonly used in the facility and that may be ordered for resident use by the attending physician or the Medical Director.
b. Follow the labeling policies and practices of the facility.
c. Ensure that all medications administered are properly labeled.
d. Follow the facility procedures in regard to charting of medications
e. Follow facility policies and procedures regarding the destroying of medications including the documentation requirements.
f. Assist in documenting and removing medications that are discontinued by the attending physician.
g. Follow the facility procedures governing drug receipt errors, including notifying the delivery source and the Director of Nursing.
h. Accurately measure, record and report the vital signs of residents.
i. Observe and verify that medication is ingested or applied as directed. Document any instance where prescribed medication is not administered, including reasons for refusal.
j. Promptly notify the Nurse or Director of Nursing of any errors or reactions to medications by residents.
k. Ensure that no medication is administered without a written, signed, dated order from an attending licensed physician.
l. Verify the identity of the resident before administering the medication treatment.
m. Follow the facility’s procedure allowing residents to self-administer their medications.
n. Follow established guidelines concerning the storage of drugs and biologicals.
o. Be familiar with the meaning and usage of common medical abbreviations, symbols, and terms relative to the administration of medications as used by the facility, pharmacists and physicians.

3. Safety

a. Gives appropriate explanations to residents
b. Utilizes techniques of infection control by conducting appropriate hand washing
c. Follows standard precautions & disease specific precaution technique.
4. Role Involvement
a. Performs responsibilities in a cooperative manner under the guidance and supervision of professional nursing personnel
b. Uses time constructively and organizes assignments for maximum productivity.
c. Maintains current knowledge in present nursing Practice regarding medication administration.
d. Completes annual mandatory educational activities.
e. Reports to work as scheduled and on time.
f. Follows facility policy regarding absenteeism and sick time.
g. Avoids work related injuries through the application of proper practice techniques
h. Follows dress code.
i. Uses supplies efficiently
j. Is willing to work as a team to accomplish goals.

5. Role Development

a. Demonstrates support of the philosophy of the facility by adhering to policies, procedures and established Standards of Nursing practices.

6. Change Process

a. Identifies areas appropriate for change in a manner that demonstrates a positive attitude.
b. Facilitates change process in a manner that demonstrates a positive attitude.
c. Adapts to change brought about by external and internal forces in a cooperative and mature way.



  1. Be of legal working age
  2. Be able to read and follow written directions
  3. Be able to communicate with residents and co-workers in English
  4. Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general public.
  5. Work overtime is necessary
  6. Completion of the Certified Nurses Aide course
  7. Must be a Certified Medication Aide/Technician, having successfully completed a state approved training program and any necessary examination.
  8. Must have the current federally required vaccines or proof of a valid exemption.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds
  2. Carry objects weighting up to 25 pounds
  3. Push or pull objects weighing up to 50 pounds
  4. Stooping and bending frequently throughout the day
  5. Reaching and grasping with arms and hands, including reaching above shoulder level
  6. Must be able to cope with stressful situations

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Type: Full Time (Hourly)
Job ID: 125298