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Clinical Research Department: Provides patients with new therapies that are not yet available commercially.  We also can provide patients with approved therapies at no cost or reduced costs to them.  These medications are given alone or in conjunction with another new therapy.
Our Goal: Patients that are referred to our department are offered these therapies as an alternative to standard of care.  Some trials are offered when there are no standard of care options for patients.  Patients that are entered into clinical trials are being asked to adhere to a more complex schedule than our standard of care patients.  Because of this, we go out of our way to accommodate them as much as possible while adhering to multiple protocol requirements and schedules.

  • Obtain refraction and visual acuity certification (or grandfathering) for all protocols as determined by Sponsor
  • Be knowledgeable about all refraction/visual acuity protocols
  • Perform all refractions accurately and efficiently according to each protocol
  • Record all data from testing procedures neatly, accurately, and appropriately
  • Keep patient information confidential
  • Communicate effectively with study coordinators and patients
    • Inform coordinator and/or research supervisor of study related needs or issues
  • Have a warm, gentle, and understanding manner with all patients
    • Be able to extend PATIENCE
  • Prepare refraction room each day
    • Verify equipment is operational, calibrated, & room illumination according to protocol
    • Clean refraction and research exam room at the end of each day
  • Maintain masking at all times (per protocol)
    • No knowledge of participant’s study eye or study treatment
    • Do not discuss adverse events with participants
  • Be available to make corrections during monitoring visits, when necessary
  • Walk patients back to refraction room and assist to next location
    • If available, inform coordinator upon completion
  • Properly check pupils, intraocular pressure (tonopen and applanator), and vitals (unless otherwise instructed)
  • Maintain appropriate and accurate documentation of:
    • Light bulb burn-ins
    • Refraction/research exam room cleanings
    • Calibration of Tonometer (tonopen and applanator), blood pressure cuffs and weight scale
  • Determine calibration requirements on new equipment, if needed
  • Print out research encounter forms for all upcoming patient visits
  • Print out research schedule daily

Minimum Demonstrated Skills/Qualifications:
Efficiently and accurately interviews patients and documents histories
Demonstrates working knowledge of eye anatomy, disease, symptoms, and ocular medications
Accurately performs: refractions, lensometry, tonometry, amslers, muscle testing, pupil exams
 Multi-tasking and listening skills
Cooperates with supervisory staff, physicians, peers, external customers, and patients in a positive, energetic, and professional manner
Demonstrated excellence in communication skills
Organizational and time management skills
Demonstrate ability to effectively convey ideas and information
Creative idea-generating individual with excellent follow through abilities
Minimum Education Requirements:
High School diploma or the equivalent
One year experience in ophthalmology
Minimum Background Requirements:
Previous experience or training in this or similar position
Physical Demands:
Must be able to stand for long periods of time
Must be able to write
Must be able to hold arms at shoulder height
Must be able to communicate via telephone
Must have manual dexterity to work with ophthalmic equipment

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Type: Full Time (Hourly)
Job ID: 97088