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The Human Resources Director is responsible for the day to day process of the traditional human resources duties. This will include but is not limited to: administrative, recruitment and retention activities, benefits enrollments, orientation, all trainings, risk management and employee health support functions.  The HR Director accumulates, maintains and processes payroll records, audits, and processes data to facilitate the preparation of employee pay.  Assists in defining the human resources policies of the hospital in collaboration with the management, and company guidelines.  Maintains current policies and procedures in accordance with Joint Commission, Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, Federal and State regulations, Oceans Behavioral Mission, policies and procedures and Performance Improvement Standards.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Functions:

  1. Interprets hospital policies and regulations to new and existing employees.  Coordinates the dissemination of information to employees through posted notices, memos, e-mail, flyers, brochures, etc.
  2. Coordinates recruitment, interviewing and placement process; including the placement of needed advertisements, in-house vacancy postings, programs, serving as facilitator and resource for department managers and/or administration.  Performs reference and background checks on prospective candidates in a timely manner.
  3. Sets up a system of record keeping.  Organizes and implements systems for maintenance of central personnel files.  Maintains current files on active and inactive employees and ensures compliance. 
  4. Completes all necessary paperwork for new hires, terminations and personnel changes; Schedules, coordinates  and implements employee orientation, Oceans Healthcare approved behavioral health de-escalation programs, CPR, annual orientation for basic competency skills and other employee training and coordinates speakers for such in accordance with facility standards.
  5. Ensures that all employees are up to date on all requirements (i.e., Licensures, Oceans Behavioral health de-escalation programs, CPR, orientation, etc.)
  6. Coordinates the administration of the hospital’s performance appraisal and competency evaluation system.  Notifies managers in advance of appraisals due or delinquent.  Provides assistance to managers involving serious employee performance problems and disciplinary action.
  7. Responds to requests for information/references from outside companies regarding Human Resources issues; Responds effectively to all unemployment compensation inquiries.
  8. Develops and coordinates programs for various activities to promote improved relations between employees.
  9. Maintains knowledge of changes in policies and procedures and awareness of current developments and trends in Human Resources related issues; Maintains own professional growth through appropriate organizations, workshops, seminars and other educational endeavors.
  10. Prepares and distributes end-of-pay period reports to Administrator as requested; Prepares report to supervisors regarding departmental overtime hours and costs as requested.
  11. Acts as liaison to coordinate benefit programs and open enrollments within the facility.  Maintains current information, literature, records and reports related to established benefit programs such as insurance and retirement.  Disseminates benefit information to employees.  Assists employees with inquiries regarding benefits.
  12. Maintains current Workman’s Compensation records for employee incidents; coordinates information related to claims; and works with Workman’s Compensation Insurance Company by providing necessary information.
  13. Submits required information to corporate timely and within departmental deadlines.
  14.  Performs other duties and projects as assigned


Required Skills & Qualifications:

Educational/Experience Requirements:
High school graduate or equivalent preferred; or a minimum of two (2) years of experience in human resources.  Experience in payroll preferred

Experience in computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel.  Must be versatile, flexible and able to perform in stressful situations.  Must have good time management and organizational skills.  Must be able to work with an array of persons in a sensitive manner.  Must have excellent assertive communication skills.  Must be able to organize and prioritize high volume workload.  Interacts well with general public in a stress-oriented position.  Must be able to function with minimal supervision and complete understanding and respect of confidentiality.  Interprets and works toward policy and procedure modification that are in accordance with State and Federal Laws, JCAHO, HCFA and other regulatory boards as required by state and federal laws as well as the mission statement.Must successfully complete CPR certification and an Oceans approved behavioral health de-escalation program

Work Environment:
Subject to many interruptions.  Pressure due to multiple calls and inquiries.  Can be high paced and stressful; must be able to cope mentally and physically to atmosphere. May experience disagreeable odors, sights and/or unpredictable patient behavior. Requires spending approximately 85% or more of the time inside a building, which offers protection.

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Type: Full Time (Salaried)
Job ID: 29786