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Why You’ll Love This Job

Find your perfect career fit with FYZICAL, an innovative company that is  committed to your growth and success, when you join us at our FYZICAL  Interlachen location in Interlachen, FL as our newest Physical Therapist  (PT)! Each FYZICAL is independently owned and operated, yet part of a  vast network of other independent and company owned clinics. You will  have the benefits of working for a small company but have access to the  resources of a large company.

Feel secure knowing you will be  backed by a practice leader who has chosen you to be part of an elite  group of professionals capable of achieving next-level results and a  leader who wants you to feel fulfilled professionally and personally.

Professional fulfillment comes from many places, among them fair pay, fair hours, fair patient  load, abundant continuing education, quality tools of the trade, and  mentoring.  

  • Fair Hours. You will be generally expected to see patients an average of 8 hours a day.
  • Fair Patient Load. You will be generally expected to see a maximum average patient load of only 15 patients per day.  
  • Abundant Continuing Education. As for education, Fyzical provides certifications in balance and  vestibular therapy as well as orthopedics, including TMJ, and even  pelvic health. Studies can be done virtually, in person or through our  unique Fyzical College. You will be expected to have completed our  Balance Level 1 certification prior to starting work on your first day  so you will feel competent to treat one of our most vulnerable  populations. Other advanced balance and vestibular certifications will  be made available, and you will be expected to participate in regular  continued education to stay on top of your game! The best part?  FYZICAL’s CEUs come at no cost to you!
  • Tools of the Trade. If you are looking for cutting edge technology supporting your newfound knowledge, you need look no further. Your leaders at FYZICAL Interlachen understand  that as our science grows, new knowledge must be supported by new  technology.  You will be welcomed into the clinic seeing our  state-of-the-art Safety Overhead Support (SOS) System and training tools  incorporating the latest in computer technology.
  • Mentorship. Fyzical  mentorship comes from the small company feel with the big company  presence. Literally hundreds of experienced PTs across the country are  available to help teach, counsel and guide you. If you are worried about  grasping vestibular and balance therapy, we have dozens of Balance  Level 3 practitioners who have spent years crafting their skills.  Orthopedics? TMJ? Neuro? Pelvic Health? Fyzical has a support system  like no other. We are not competitive with one another and when we help  each other out, we all win! Opportunities for shadowing, phone calls,  zoom meetings abound and we want you to feel secure in your role.

Personal fulfillment comes  from being happy where you are and having the time to enjoy it. We get  it! Interlachen is located in FL, just a short drive from Beaches and State Parks. Outdoor activities and local events thrive in this community.  You will fall in love with Interlachen.

You  will have ample time to enjoy what our beautiful area has to offer.  Another benefit of being here is that you do not have to spend hours a day hung up in traffic getting to and from work. Our small town allows for quick travel to and from work.

If  you are ready to launch your career with a company that is unmatched in  the PT arena which has the appeal of small company ownership yet big  company resources, apply for FYZICAL Interlachen‘s full-time Physical Therapist (PT) job opening today!

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform new-patient evaluations/exams
  • Diagnose patients; evaluate physical activity limitations
  • Create a plan that sets a goal and completion date
  • Equip patients with PT intervention techniques/exercises; track progress
  • Provide education to patients on techniques for the continuation of care
  • Establish a diagnosis of condition or conditions and their impact on activity
  • Establish a plan goal and time frame
  • Prescribe intervention techniques and exercises
  • Measure and track intervention effectiveness
  • Educate the patient on continuing care


  • Accredited PT program graduate
  • Up-to-date state PT license
  • Able to create and implement outpatient balance and vestibular rehabilitation-setting treatment plans
  • Ability to work efficiently/effectively in an autonomous environment 
  • Must be passionate about helping patients who have vestibular, balance, neurological, and fall risk issues 
  • Graduation from an accredited PT program and current PT license in FL
  • Must be able to carry out and progress a skilled treatment plan in outpatient balance and vestibular rehabilitation setting
  • Must be self-motivated with a willingness to learn
  • Passion for working with vestibular, balance, neurological, and fall-risk patient population

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Type: Full Time (Salaried)
Job ID: 122352