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Why You’ll Love This Job

We’re in the amazing position for a future filled with growth and success. Conservative Care Occupational Health Clinic and Apex Physical Therapy, in Springdale, AR is looking for a full-time committed Physical Therapy Assistant to act as the patient’s partner throughout the trip of restoring motion and ensuring that the client will function at their personal best. You will maximize the quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment or intervention, and rehabilitation. The successful candidate will work as a team with our staff and will assist in delivering premium care to every patient.

Occupational Medicine can be an extremely rewarding experience working one on one with companies to help them prevent injuries and provide a safe workplace for their employees.  Occupational providers help employers put the right employee in the job and they help keep employees working so they can provide for their families.  This position will learn about OSHA recordability and what constitutes a workers’ compensation injury.

This is a fulltime position with a competitive benefits package including:

  • 401K retirement plan
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off

We are one of the few true Occupational Health Companies remaining. We specialize in Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health is our passion. Our mission is to keep America working.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Identify and meet patients’ goals and needs
  • Provide guidance to patients and their families regarding post-treatment care
  • Offer cost-effective treatments that help improve clients’ motion and mobility
  • Reduce the need for medications and provide alternatives to surgery
  • Develop care plans using a variety of treatment techniques
  • Create fitness- and wellness-oriented programs tailored to patients’ specific needs
  • Provide quality, personalized and evidence-based care and proven interventions
  • Motivate patients during treatment in order to help them function optimally
  • Monitor patients before, during, and after therapy sessions and document observations for the Physical Therapist
  • Employ a range of methods, including stretching routines and massage therapy, to address patients’ needs
  • Promote clients’ healthy lifestyle by improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination
  • Consult and practice with other health professionals
  • Evaluate effects and monitor and communicate progress
  • Document patient care services
  • Assist in the development and performance of Post-Offer/Post-Employment Physical Capacity Evaluations
  • May perform Ergonomic Evaluations or Job-Site Analysis as needed



  • Proven work experience as a physical therapy assistant
  • Intensive education and clinical expertise
  • Ability to manage patients with different types of personalities
  • Current knowledge of treatment practices
  • Drive to continually learn and grow
  • Professional behavior
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Understands HIPAA and OSHA regulations
  • Able to operate as part of a team


  • 2-3 years of experience at current licensure
  • Proficient in EHR medical charting and willingness to learn a new EHR system


  • Physical therapy assistant associates degree or greater from an accredited program


  • Valid and Current AR license to practice as a physical therapy assistant

Work Location:
Springdale, AR

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Type: Full Time (Hourly)
Job ID: 126419