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Why You’ll Love This Job

Are you looking for an exciting career where you are in control of what you can earn? FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers wants someone with your enthusiasm and drive to fill our Physician Liaison/Referral Specialist position at our Bridgeville, PA location!

This Physician Liaison role places you in a front-row seat with a company known for taking innovative, non-traditional approaches to healthcare, as part of a high-energy champion team that knows how to achieve next-level results. You will have access to state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled continuing education, which will advance your skills, keeping your career on the leading edge. And, with a practice leader who is fully invested in your success and the freedom to innovate, you will know the satisfaction of making a lasting impact that echoes throughout the industry.

No two days will ever be the same in this fast-paced, exciting Physician Liaison position with the country’s leading physical therapy company. If you are a go-getter, inspired to drive business, and are great with building relationships, this is the opportunity for you!

In this dynamic role, you will have the chance to expand your network as a valued member of a supportive team of professionals who collaborate to discover what works best for the practice, community and clients. Continuing education opportunities, along with our advanced technology and cutting-edge tools will ensure that you stay atop of the latest industry trends. Here, you will enjoy the flow of a team meant to succeed together.

The role of the Physician Liaison is a key to our clinic’s growth! You will be an integral part of sharing Brand into the local community, and drive referrals into the clinic so that patients get the best care they can.
The Liaison is a connection to the communities we serve, an integral part in creating Brand awareness and nurturing and developing relationships to bring in patients for treatment. What drives us is our patient outcome, that they are happy, healed, and living the best life they can. The Liaison is not a sales rep, but instead a Brand Ambassador for our clinic. You reinforce the idea that we are the extension of the physicians’ care, and are partners with them in healing and bringing quality of life back to the patients.

We offer training, referral kits, and an engaging and fun environment! As the Liaison, you will get a phone, tablet, mileage reimbursement and referral bonuses.

This is perfect for someone who has extra time who would like to earn extra cash by building our patient base. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PURELY COMMISSIONED POSITION. Every single referral brings you a commission; at 10 referrals you get an extra bonus; at 20 referrals is another bonus; and so on. This can be a very lucrative position for the right candidate!

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Generate leads and referrals from physicians, clinics, hospital systems, gyms, and any other sources as appropriate for our clinic
  • Develop creative ways to drive business and bring in patients needing care
  • Canvas customer orders within a designated travel area
  • Be the point of contact for referring sources (physicians, health care referrers, etc.)
  • Attend trade shows, community events, venues, etc. (you are given a stipend in addition to referral money)
  • Create events to drive Brand awareness and business referrals
  • Use our samples, brochures, PPT presentations and other marketing materials to showcase our Brand
  • Keep detailed transaction/expense/mileage reporting (you are reimbursed for actual costs, and mileage)
  • Compile lists of prospective customers for lead generation
  • Keep on top of trends in marketing, assist with marketing
  • Build great and lasting relationships with referring sources
  • Use of the DMR (daily management report, source list and insights, leads log), DAR (daily activity report), and Doors list (provider database)
  • Be a partner in Healthcare, ability to convey how we will benefit the customer and patients
  • Build local relationships and touchpoints, always leave a lasting positive impression
  • Create a customer “journey” – people like stories and experiences and results, what can we do for them
  • Understand the importance of what we offer in our clinic to patients, especially balance and vestibular therapy, among many other modalities and ways that we will treat patients


  • Experience (3+ years) with healthcare, physical therapy, or related
  • Relationships already with referral sources a plus
  • Must be able to travel locally
  • Great communicator, personable, outgoing
  • Related experience and/or training in referrals/customer service
  • Is pro-active, upbeat, positive, a “go-getter”, friendly, compassionate

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Type: Commissioned
Job ID: 116574