Telehealth Pivot &
Ramp-up Support

Many companies today are doing what they must while preparing for what lies ahead. For us at TalentCare, that means bringing together our capabilities to support you as you shift to or expand Telehealth offerings.

Simple and fair pricing

Waiving long-term commitment

10% of revenue goes to pandemic charities

Adjust to the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

need for
telehealth today

Patient services across healthcare are increasingly moving to Telehealth. Being able to quickly pivot provides a way to maintain or increase business operations.

Get the
message out

Communicating a shift in delivery model and having the right team in place is necessary to ensure patient trust.

Ramping up or
shifting teams

Finding and ramping up teams can be overwhelming. Providers and other frontline staff that are technology savvy will be the key to successfully executing these new services.

Help right now.

Systems, execution, and data to help you transition, with minimal setup time or requirements of your team.

Career Site support to convey the right information

Specialized message creation such as Telehealth-specific landing pages

Job Ad creation by SEO experts to attract candidates that can work from home

Sourcing and Recruiting of providers and frontline support teams

Expertise you can trust.

Communication & Campaign Experts

5+ Years Experience Recruiting for Telehealth

Systems & Processes Built for High Volume

Technology- forward teams to keep you in the game.

Tell us some things to get the ball rolling or get in touch directly at or +1.800.435.3039.

Telehealth Pivot at a Glance