Jobs for high school graduatesNo degree? No problem! If you are searching for careers in the health care industry but hitting roadblocks due to the lack of a degree, look no further. Below is a list of five healthcare jobs that do not require a college degree! Is one of these 5 entry-level health care careers right for you?

Behavior Technician Careers

This challenging job is the perfect fit for you if you love kids and want to improve the lives of children with disabilities like Autism.

For most companies, you will be paid throughout your in-depth training, and all you need is a high school diploma! As a Behavior Technician, you will provide direct care to clients using methods based on evidence and research. You will learn how to excel as you develop excellent Behavior Technician skills.

Since this is an entry level position, no previous work experience is necessary. The growing Autism treatment sector is experiencing a shortage of available professionals, so this is a great time to start your career.

Not only will you be in high demand as a Behavior Technician, but advancement opportunities are abundant. You may choose to pursue licensures and certifications that can lead to supervisory roles and clinical management opportunities in your future.

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Optician Careers

Do you love working in a fast-paced environment? Do you have an eye for style? Working as an Optician could be a fantastic career path for you. In this position, you will work directly with patients to help them select and purchase eyeglasses, contact lenses and other accessories. You are often asked to help patients decide what looks best on them, and help them feel confident in their new style. You will also help patients understand the differences between optional upgrades, manage orders, and make minor adjustments or repairs.

People with a background in customer service or retail sales often perform well as an Optician. Most employers are willing to train the right candidate, so showing that you are willing to learn can help you land the job. Plus, the team-oriented environment makes it easy to learn how to be successful.

To further your career, consider obtaining your license as a Dispensing Optician. Licensed Opticians earn a respectable salary, and are a vital member of the Optometry office. Plus, Licensed Opticians are rare in most markets, so you will have excellent job security!

Optometric Technician Careers

If the Optometry field interests you, but you prefer something even more rooted in the clinical aspects of healthcare, you might love to be an Optometric Technician. In this role, you will perform screening and imaging tests, collect patient vision history, and assist the Optometrist with other procedures.

Previous work experience is not necessary for this position. To be successful as an Optometric Technician, you should be good with technical equipment and have the ability to calm the patients as they go through the exam process. Concise writing skills may also help as you complete patient charts.

This is a highly rewarding career where you will develop long-term relationships with your patients and the doctors with whom you work.

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Medical Assistant Careers

If you are seeking a hands-on position where you provide direct patient care, a career as a Medical Assistant may be the perfect fit for you. In this job, you will assist with procedures and tests, administer IVs, perform X-rays and EKGs, and generally assist the MDs in the office.

Requirements to become a Medical Assistant vary by state. While some states allow on-the-job training, most professionals attend a Medical Assistant school. Programs are much shorter than a college curriculum, and you can often earn a certificate or diploma in as little as 9 months. You may also be able to complete most of your course work online.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for Medical Assistants is growing at a rate of 23% between the years of 2014 and 2024, which is much higher than average. Many people use this position as an entry point into healthcare, and eventually transition to other medical fields like nursing and medical coding.

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Medical Receptionist Careers

Do you want a job that lets you interact with a variety of people? Are you organized and well-prepared? If so, a Medical Receptionist job may be the perfect position for you. This sometimes forgotten profession is especially vital in the healthcare industry. As a Medical Receptionist, you will be the first experience a patient has with a medical practice. You have the opportunity to set the tone for an entire office!

Responsibilities as a Front Desk Medical Receptionist include scheduling, collecting patient information, completing in-office payments, and maintaining the patient roster. Many employers are willing to train the right candidate. Ideal candidates are dependable, professional and friendly. You should also be tech-savvy and capable of working quickly in a variety of computer programs.

Once you gain experience as a Medical Receptionist, you will be in high demand. A well-organized office helps maintain patient satisfaction, and minimizes stress for your coworkers. Starting as a Medical Receptionist and growing your skill set may lead to opportunities in Medical Office Management or Administration.

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