How Many Interviews Do You Really NeedMore the merrier, right? Not when it comes to interviews! You’re about to start the recruiting process and the last thing you want is time taken away from your patients and other duties. When the applications start coming, your schedule fills with interview after interview, followed by second (and maybe third) rounds with the best candidates.

But, what if you didn’t have to take time away from your responsibilities to find the right candidate? Here are some tips to save your schedule from wasted interviews and reduce the amount of time it’ll take to find the perfect hire.

Know who is a good candidate before the interview

The best way to shorten the recruiting process is to know you have a good candidate even before the interview. Instead of interviewing to decide they are a decent applicant, why not know in advance?

Alternative screenings, such as a skills and personality assessment, can help determine the candidate’s strengths, cognitive abilities, work style, and cultural preferences. The data collected from the applicant’s answers tell you how they fit within the position and your company before you have the first interview.

These assessments, when given with the initial application, will save you time from wasted interviews and even uncertain hires. You’ll know from the beginning of the interview process if the candidate is a good fit.

Create a more advanced and customized pre-screening 

Screening applicants with skills and personality assessments is a great way to determine if they are a good fit. Why not make this process even more advanced and structured to your own needs? These assessments can be scored with customized algorithms, answer weightings, and predictive analytics. TalentCare’s “Preferred Profile” methodology helps you identify the range of scores associated with the best applicants.

To start the Preferred Profile, your best employees take the assessments, and hiring managers take a survey. The resulting analysis creates a range of scores associated with the most desirable qualities for that role and your organization.

With this advanced screening approach, you will conclude if the applicant is a perfect fit for the position, just like your top employees. This will not only help you narrow and shorten your candidate search, but also drive company growth.

Use the data from pre-screening for your interviews

If you know before the interview that you have a good candidate, you not only save yourself time from wasted interviews, but can ask more personalized and unique questions during the initial interview.

Assessments allow you to discard subjective interviewing questions and create more personalized and unique ones based off the candidate’s answers. You can ask why they answered a certain way or put their abilities to the test. This technique provides an opportunity to ask more advanced questions. Your interview process will go by quickly with fewer interviews and save your time for other responsibilities!

This data-driven approach to screening is a highly advanced technique to find your perfect candidate without stealing time away from patients and potential clients. Fewer interviews could help grow your company and your bottom line!

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