This traditional hiring process wastes valuable time for both you and employers! You could potentially accept a position that’s not the right fit or enter an environment where you’re unproductive.

And once again, the job search begins…

Don’t waste your time!

It’s a waste of time when you interview with an unsuitable company or you accept a position that you later determine is a bad fit. Don’t lose hope, though, because some employers offer you a better way! You can save this wasted time from your job search with a simple personality assessment.

Sure, the extra 30 minutes to fill out an assessment may not seem ideal at first. But, that 30-minutes can save you from hours of wasted interviews for poorly matched roles or unsuitable companies. A personality assessment provides information about you that determines how you fit in the company culture. It also predicts how you will succeed based on the requirements for the job. It’s a data-driven approach to place you in the right position and the right environment.

According to the Institute of Psychometric Coaching, employers look at three prime objectives.  Whether you can do the job, will do the job, and if you will fit in. Your personality and behavioral style play a significant role in providing the answers to those questions. That means, if you get an interview after completing the assessment, you are likely a close match.

Don’t stress. This is not a test!

Don’t stress if you’re asked to take a personality assessment. There are no right or wrong answers, and no negative or positive personalities. The assessment will tell employers if your personality and preferences match the job. For example, a public relations company may use the test to find someone who is an effective public speaker, an efficient researcher, and has organizational skills. If you’re not chosen, this doesn’t mean that you did poorly on the assessment. It means that your personality type and preferences would align better with a different position and atmosphere. And that’s ok. The assessment is to help you avoid undesirable working conditions.

Your job search gets even better!

Here at Talentcare, we use a short online personality assessment to ensure that you’re the best fit for the company and position. This assessment provides us with information about your learning strengths, work style, and cultural fit.

Along with the personality assessment, we’ve taken it a step further to make your job search easy and help you find the right one. You’ll be asked to also take a skills assessment to determine your skills and credentials. These two assessments together can make your job search easier and help you find the right place and position.

You won’t regret it.

The personality assessment, especially mixed with the skills assessment, will determine if you’re a good fit within the company. If your cultural fit, work style, learning strengths, skills, and credentials are a good match, that’s great! If not, that just means you found out in advance and won’t waste any time during your job search.

So, the next time you’re asked to fill out a personality assessment, don’t fret! Go ahead and fill it out. There is a job destined for you! Don’t waste any time pursing the wrong position and instead, work with a recruiting firm that will help you find your best match.


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