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Working under the direction and supervision of the Charge and Staff Nurses and the Certified Nurse’s Aides, a Unit Aide does not provide personal care but will assist the residents to assure safety and comfort. The Unit Aide follows the nurse’s instructions. A Unit Aide observes and reports changes in the resident’s physical, mental and social status to nurses to ensure the well-being of the resident.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Communication
    • Verbal
      • Communicates pertinent information throughout the tour of duty and at change of shift to the responsible nurse
      • Consistently communicates in a manner that demonstrates a positive and cooperative attitude
    • Non-Verbal
      • Utilizes appropriate and professional body language
      • Demonstrates receptivity though active listening
  • Resident Care Process
    • Assessment
      • Makes appropriate decisions regarding notifying the nurse responsible for the resident
    • Planning
      • Plans organization of assignment in order to complete assignment in a timely fashion
  • Implementation
    • Executes procedures consistent with interdisciplinary care plan, Petersen Health Care Procedure Manuals and that are within the scope of the role of the Unit Aide
      • Maintains appropriate supplies of gloves and other personal protective equipment
      • Assists in organizing residents drawers, closets and rooms
      • Cleans residents jewelry as needed or upon request
      • Verifies that all dentures, glasses and personal items are marked with proper resident’s name
      • Cleans wheelchairs and Geri-chairs on a regular basis and as needed
      • Passes ice water.
      • Answers call lights and notifies appropriate personnel of resident’s
      • Makes resident beds and provides appropriate linen as
    • Provides for the safety and security needs of the resident by:
      • Making frequent checks on residents and responding to the resident’s call for assistance in a timely and appropriate manner
      • Giving appropriate explanations
      • Maintaining communication devices (nurse call light, TV and telephone and other such equipment)
    • Utilizes techniques of infection control such as:
      • Frequent hand washing
      • Standard precautions and disease specific precautionary techniques
    • Listens to and hears resident and family anxieties and relays this information to the nurse
  • Role Involvement
    • Performs responsibilities in a cooperative manner under the guidance and supervision of professional nursing personnel. Uses time constructively and organizes assignments for maximum
    • Maintains current knowledge in the Mandatory Educational Activities as Fire Safety/Evacuation Procedures, Blood borne pathogens and proper body mechanics)
    • Demonstrates responsibility for own Standard of Practice
      • Reporting for work as scheduled and on time
      • Adhering to facility policy regarding absenteeism and sick time
      • Avoiding work-related injuries through the application or proper practice techniques
    • Assumes responsibility for personal appearance by adhering to the Petersen Health Care dress code
    • Integrate cost effective measures nursing practices by:
      • Using supplies efficiently
      • Being willing to work in a team approach to accomplish goals
  • Role Development
  • Demonstrates support of the philosophy of Petersen Health Care by adhering to policies and
  • Change Process
    • Identifies areas appropriate for change in a manner that demonstrates a positive attitude
    • Facilitates change process in a manner that demonstrates a positive attitude
    • Adapts to change brought about by external and internal forces in a cooperative and mature way


  • Be of legal working age
  • Be able to read and follow written directions
  • Be able to communicate with residents and co-workers in English
  • Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general
  • Work overtime as necessary
  • Be enrolled in a Competency Training Program leading to certification in less than 120 days from the date of employment

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Type: Full Time (Hourly)
Job ID: 122648